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From slave to “respectable” in a year?

Enlightened masses of GC:

Previously I told you about my journey into public accounting with a small firm in Cleveland, OH.  No prior accounting experience, CPA exams passed.  I do primarily bookkeeping and tax work for small businesses.  I started at $30K, after 6 months I got a bump to $37.5K.  Now, after almost a year in I am about to fulfill my experience requirement and apply for my license.

Part of me wants to go for it and ask for $50K, but I know that is not going to happen because my boss is a frugal bastard.  

a.  does anyone think I'll get at least $45K (overtime rules and all that)?

b.  should I grow a pair, and go $50K or go home?

c.  with one year tax experience and CPA could I basically go anywhere else and get $50K to start even in a shitty market like NE OH?

d.  am I really an idiot and should I just apply at Chipotle now for possibly better pay and health insurance?