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Choosing Big 4 based on client base?

Posted this on other forums too, but thought I would ask people on GC as well to get as much input as I can.

I am currently deciding between PwC and Deloitte nyc. I know NYC isn't the best place for tech, but I do want to be exposed to tech clients. Deloitte has a EGC (emerging growth company) department with a lot of startups, which I think can be really cool to audit/help with IPOS. However, Deloitte doesn't have big tech clients. PwC has some major tech clients based in NYC (Samsung, IBM, Xerox and even MasterCard for some reason), and they also have a department for startups (although smaller compared to Deloitte's). I liked Deloitte people (a little) better, but am tempted to choose PwC for the big tech clients. If I were to jump to private and do tech, wouldn't it be better if I have audited the big public clients and the small ones? That way I can not only look at jobs at smaller companies, I can apply to jobs at public companies too. I know auditing public and private can be quite different because of PCAOB vs AICPA. 

I guess ultimately what i am trying to ask is: do I really need to have audited the big tech clients in order to jump to a well-recognized (and bigger) tech company? What if my experiences were way more focused on the private tech startups about to go public?