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[UPDATED] Singer Pitbull Set to Perform His Worst Collaboration to Date

Pitbull PwC Promo Day 2022

¡Dale! Remember Pitbull? I swear I had Culo on repeat for all of 2004 and some of 2009 when I suddenly got nostalgic for the raspy exclamation of “YEAH!” over and over. Well TB4A posted this last week on Insta…

Pitbull PwC Promo Day 2022

When he sent me this screenshot via Slack my esteemed colleague Jason Bramwell said: “Dude you know that singer Pitbull? His star must be diminishing to agree to perform at this …”

Bro what? It’s PwC. Surely all early 2000s Lil Jon collaborators know that of Big 4 firms, PwC is without a doubt the most prestigious. Duh.

Update: we have been informed that Pitbull doesn’t come cheap and also that we’re assholes (I think).

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