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Should I switch jobs?

I have taken an unconventional path to becoming an accountant.  Years ago I graduated with a Marketing degree and got a job in retail management which looked incredibly promising.  Unfortunately, I determined that retail sucks and after eight years went back to school to get an accounting degree.  Because I had a full time job and didn't want to ruin the chance that I might get promoted, I got my second degree 100% online.  My thinking was that I just wanted to get out  of retail ASAP and once I got an accounting job I would get hands-on experience in accounting and really start learning.

It took two month to get an accounting job after graduation (only received one offer) and I have been with my current employer for almost a year.  During that time I have also completed the two remaining classes needed to sit for CPA, but I honestly don't feel I am getting any hands-on experience in accounting so now I am not confident that I am ready to start studying. 

My employer is non-profit and doesn't use actual ERP software, instead it's a patchwork from different systems.  I barely do any JE's and honestly, there are some days where I have completed all my tasks after an hour and a half and have to find ways to stretch things out so I'm not completely bored.  I am thinking I should make the switch to another accounting job since I now have some experience and am eligible to sit for CPA, but I'm conflicted.  On the one hand I don't feel I am getting any experience at my job, on the other I only work 40 hours each week with an hour lunch so it may be easier to study.

Any insight to help guide me?