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The Sharing Economy CPA: An Interview with Derek Davis of Tabby

This is our latest interview with accountants who have gone on to found companies or firms after getting their start in public accounting or an industry position. If you want to suggest an accountant-turned-entrepreneur for this series, email us.   

Services like Uber and Airbnb have seemingly come out of nowhere. They have changed the way a lot of people think about arranging transportation and lodging when traveling for business or leisure. This has led to a slew of new businesses that market themselves as "Uber for ____" or "Airbnb for ____."

After getting a lift from an Uber driver who expressed concerns about fares being cut, Derek Davis realized there may be an opportunity to help those people who work in the sharing economy who might not be familiar with all the nuances of business expenses.

Derek cut his teeth as a transfer pricing consultant at Deloitte and PwC before founding Tabby, a mobile app that helps independent contractors track their business expenses, in October 2014. He also provides tax preparation services for individuals who work for shared economy businesses in Rideshare (e.g. Uber, Lyft), Shared Services (e.g. TaskRabbit, Homejoy) and Airbnb.