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Review Comments | 09.24.09

tax man.jpgIRS Extends Grace Period On Small Business Penalties – “The IRS announced in July it would suspend efforts to collect those penalties through Sept. 30, in order to give Congress time to pass legislation shielding business owners from some of the penalties.” [WSJ]
Twitter Lines Up New Financing – Get it over with. Follow us. [WSJ]
“Wait! I Was Just Getting Started…” – A Response From Professor Kelly Pope – Of DePaul University in Chicago [RTA]
2010 State Business Tax Climate Index (Seventh Edition) – Some Dakota is #1, Dick Cheney Land is #2; CA #48; New York #49; New Jersey #50. [The Tax Foundation]
Twitter, the new Reuters witness – Whatever works. [FT Alphaville]
How Safe Is Your College? [The Daily Beast]