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Share your crappy interview story

From the mailbag, a request for bad interview stories:

Not quite a question on what to do, but more of a question on what your thoughts and similar experiences are. Wanted to see what similar stories are out there like this (if any).  For context, this was at a startup that despite being around for only 3 years, has a reasonably sized finance function.
Ever sat at an interview (especially at a start up), where the interviewer was a super snob? “Tell me the elevator pitch of what you do in 1-2 minutes” mentality and won’t let you get a sentence in until they finish their 8 minute rant that leads to a totally different topic. Worse yet, they can’t explain what they or their team does concisely in 2 minutes nor can they express what their vision for their department other than broad sweeping “growth” and “development” statements. Super transactional style of asking questions and didn’t bother trying to pretend he was interested to hear about you.  I could probably ignore the desperation in one of the interviewers to get advice on a simple subject matter (poor VP was not a tax person and did not know how to handle a SUT audit).  That coupled with the inconsistent focus on key responsibilities from the actual job posting and from what the other “leaders” of the department have for this solo lead tax role, was a big turn off.  So such for having a “great” culture.
First thought was whether I flopped and just sour… but then remembered that I had aced the last interview at another startup with the same story and style (they thankfully were more down to earth).
Welp- any similar stories?