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Second Jobs?


I'm curious to find out if anyone makes cash on the side while working on a consistant basis – whether you disclosed it to your firms or not. A coworker told me they purchase broken laptops online, usually in lots, fixes them and sells them back online.

In lieu of going around and asking everyone I work with or sending out a mass e-mail, I thought I'd head straight to GC. Please don't make me regret it. 

Does anyone write for any magazines (related or unrelated to career), teach online classes, authored a book, work for a CPA review course, or complete tax returns on the side?


My "job":

I own a second home – profits $250 per month. My main goal is to build long-term equity and I use half of the yearly profits, if any, to pay down my primary mortgage. The only reason I put jobs in quotes is because for the last three years, it's been extremely passive. I've probably put in less than an hour a week, after the intial setup.