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The Second Batch of CPA Exam Scores for the Jan/Feb Testing Window Has Been Released

Right on cue, NASBA started rolling the scores out on Monday, but sometimes these things fly under the radar. Sorry about that. I'd offer the excuse that I'm losing my touch, but there's really no evidence that I had any touch to begin with.

And for good measure, NASBA announced that a few more were released into the wild this morning:

Now some of you may be experiencing a sharp pain in the pit of your stomach and you MUST resist the urge to take off all your clothes and run around the office in a fit of madness. I know it's busy season, but failure this early in year shouldn't cause you to make a scene. There's a lot of 2013 left.

However, if simply can't contain yourself, kindly ask a co-worker to document the performance. For cultural purposes, of course.