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Here’s Your (Super Hopeful) Open Thread For the First CPA Exam Score Release of Q4 2019

Now that the little goblins have come and gone and the Christmas advertisements have begun, it’s official: the final CPA exam testing quarter of the year is upon us. Technically it started in October but as we all know, a testing quarter doesn’t really start until the first score release.

As is tradition, candidates have already been pestering NASBA for an early release, hoping that knowing whether they’ve passed or failed a few days early would be a better treat than scamming all the fun-size Butterfingers off your kid.

Here’s the deal. The official word is that scores are due to be released on November 5, which means a November 4 release isn’t too far-fetched. Since the 4th falls on a Monday and NASBA has in the past released scores super early (read: Friday) when scores are due on a Monday, then I suppose it isn’t too crazy for a handful of eager beavers to hope today is the day. Actual odds of a score release before Monday? Minimal at best, but whatever, I’m also a cynic so y’all just hang on to that last little shred of hope if it fills you with joy.

As of publication, there are just four score releases left in 2019.

  • November 5
  • November 22
  • December 10
  • December 19

Your final day to take the CPA exam in 2019 is December 10, which is a mere five weeks away. Not even gonna lecture you on getting on it if you haven’t already before it’s too late.