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This Firm Will Let You Leave Early on Friday (If You Have No Work)

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IDK are we being overly cynical here or is this dumb? This feels a little like the “unlimited” vacation trap.

If you think relaxed summer schedules were last year’s trend as big companies took gentle measures to steer employees back to the workplace, think again.

Schneider Downs & Co. is embracing a policy that closes its office on Fridays at noon through Labor Day.

The purpose is to allow its team a little more time to enjoy the season, said Sean Smith, chief marketing officer.

“We are encouraging our employees to pull work forward into earlier in the week to make sure we are attending to all client deliverables,” Smith said. “We’re a service organization, so time-sensitive deadlines and client needs always receive priority.”

Some of their Indeed reviews are…not great.

Surely we’re worrying over nothing and fun summer Fridays will be had by all.

One thought on “This Firm Will Let You Leave Early on Friday (If You Have No Work)

  1. As a former employee, this clearly demonstrates how out of touch management is with the actual workers. If you’re working 60 hours a week there isn’t a way to “pull work forward”. If there was…you wouldn’t be working 60 hours a week. This is just a marketing ploy to try and attract people to the company who will then realize this is a ruse. This will also frustrate employees who are already getting slammed. Maybe this works at a Big 4 firm where you may have 1-3 clients but not at SD where you could work on 4 different clients in one month as a staff/senior and even more as a manager.

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