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Promotion Watch ’22: Forvis Admits First Class of New Partners and Principals; All Have Forward Vision

Forvis, the oddly named love child of BKD and DHG that was born on June 1, announced its inaugural class of new partners and principals, as well as new managing directors, last month.

As far as we know, the 21 partners, two principals, and 38 managing directors in this year’s class all have eyes in the front of their heads, which was probably a prerequisite for their promotions given that the name of the firm is short for Forward Vision.” CEO Tom Watson said this about the promotees:

“I extend my sincere congratulations to each of these individuals on this special milestone. These leaders have played a critical role in the success of our legacy firms and now will help us drive our combined forward vision. We are committed to providing a high-touch, personalized approach to client service with deep access to leaders and advisors across our firm. Continually developing our new leaders who are passionate about providing unmatched client experiences is a strategic priority for Forvis.”

So who are these newly promoted Forvisians? They are:


  • Ryan Boggs, Principal, Greenville, SC
  • Lindsay Conley, St. Louis
  • Wil Crawford Jr., Jackson, MS
  • Nicholas Eichelman, Indianapolis
  • Michael Fortman, Fort Wayne, IN
  • Joel Haaser, Tulsa, OK
  • Jacob Holman, Kansas City, MO
  • Michelle Hurst, Rogers, AR
  • Nikki Kubly, Nashville
  • Jeffrey Lenhart, Forvis Wealth Advisors, Springfield, MO
  • Kate Leverone, Atlanta
  • Taylor Longacre, Atlanta
  • Makayla Matheson, San Antonio
  • Becky Robins, Tulsa, OK
  • Brinn Serbanic, Dallas
  • Lindsay Schuster, Tysons, VA
  • Amy Shreck, Omaha
  • Travis Skinner, Waco, TX
  • Dan Smith, Atlanta
  • David Stotelmyer, Springfield, MO
  • Tom Tollerton, Principal, Charlotte
  • Mike Van Booven, Houston
  • Cameron Weldon, San Antonio

Managing directors

  • Stacey Atchison, Little Rock, AR
  • Eric Babler, Madison, WI
  • Karen Bodach, Indianapolis
  • Ben Boulris, Charlotte
  • Justin Brown, Charlotte
  • Matt Cash, Springfield, MO
  • Patrick Catton, Atlanta
  • John Chennoor, Tysons, VA
  • Andrew Douglas, Forvis Wealth Advisors, Indianapolis
  • Kim Flasch, Austin, TX
  • Brandon Flinchum, High Point, NC
  • Rand Gambrell, Denver
  • Curt Griffin, Memphis
  • Jason Grosh, Madison, WI
  • Brandon Hales, Greenville, NC
  • Rebecca Haynes, Charlotte
  • Chris Kalafatis, Richmond, VA
  • Stephen Kimberlin, Richmond, VA
  • Bill Leachman, Louisville
  • Heth Marsteller, Tysons, VA
  • Lee Martin, Jackson, MS
  • Dan Miles, Richmond, VA
  • Matt Moffitt, High Point, NC
  • Julie Murdock, Dallas
  • Jess Myers, Joplin, MO
  • Ryan Peterson, Chicago
  • Christina Phillips, Kansas City, MO
  • Sabrina Preston, Greenville, SC
  • Kelli Ratton, Memphis
  • Adam Roark, Charlotte
  • Steve Sauer, Colorado Springs, CO
  • Amber Sherrill, Little Rock, AR
  • Kris Smalley, Kansas City, MO
  • Kate Stewart, Charlotte
  • Troy Taylor, Fort Worth, TX
  • Megan Wilson, Charlotte
  • Nick Withrow, Forvis Wealth Advisors, Kansas City, MO
  • Ling Zhang, Tysons, VA

Congrats to one and all!