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EYers Are Waking Up to Overdrafts This Morning Due to a Serious Payroll Snafu (UPDATED)

We’re learning this morning that folks at EY will not be getting lunchtime DoorDash today, their paychecks from last Friday have been unceremoniously yeeted from their bank accounts.

Per a tipster:

There’s a payroll snafu of some sort at EY and seems just about everyone had their payroll reversed. Mass panic and overdrafts.

And a Fishbowl thread:

According to our tipster and comments on Fishbowl the firm has yet to send out any communications regarding the issue and it’s too early to reach anyone at payroll. “I’m sure we’ll get some sort of messaging once leadership wakes up,” writes one Fishbowl user.

We’ll keep you updated as we learn more.

Update: discussion on Reddit

Best comment:

EY paid their settlement today. The partners did not want to take the hit alone.

EY reversing paychecks from last Friday? [Fishbowl]

Update: EY sent out an email to all those affected:

via r/accounting

We’re told that if anyone needs to be reimbursed for overdrafts, fees, or vig they are to follow EY’s usual reimbursement process.

Update #2: ADP, EY’s payroll provider, issued a statement:

We can confirm that we experienced an error that caused a payment reversal for a group of US employees of one of our clients. We understand the urgency of this issue and our team is working swiftly to resolve this to ensure employees receive their pay as quickly as possible