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RSM US Employees Are Getting Meat Sweats For the Holidays

If we were playing the word association game and you said “Omaha Steaks,” Adrienne and I would instantly respond with “KPMG.” Why? Because over the course of this site’s existence, we’ve written thousands of words on Omaha Steaks being the summertime gift du jour for KPMGers for many years.

Now we found out from a tipster earlier this week that another firm has given the gift of delicious red meat from Omaha, NE to its employees for their holiday dinner: RSM US. An RSM fish provided more details recently about the gift-giving to employees by Santa Joe Adams:

I reached out to another source who recently left RSM who confirmed to us about being offered Omaha Steaks (this person didn’t bother with the steaks) but he/she did manage to snag an order for the Yeti coffee mug on his/her way out. And why wouldn’t you? Even if it has RSM’s logo on it, I wouldn’t turn down a Yeti coffee mug.

And you don’t have to be an RSMer to order some RSM-branded Yeti swag like these Colsters and tumblers:

So does this mean we’ll change our word association reply to “Omaha Steaks?” Nah, we’ll always answer “KPMG,” just like if you said “RSM,” we’ll always respond with “McGladrey.”

Old habits are hard to break.

2 thoughts on “RSM US Employees Are Getting Meat Sweats For the Holidays

    1. > Free Omaha Steak is what makes RSM Great!

      Which is hilarious because KPMG got crucified for years for doing the. exact. same. thing!

      …and then KPMG doubled down on ridicule for swapping the steaks out for a box of candy and 2 movies tickets. But that’s a story for another time.

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