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Review Comments | 12.16.09

300px-Toblerone-1.jpgSwiss Report First Appeals Filed in UBS Tax Case – Two scofflaws from the pool of 500 want to talk this over some rocky nougat. [NYT]
The Top Recession Lesson for 2010 – Plus, there’s a countdown clock to 4/15/10 already. [CPA Trendlines]
Are We Asking for Future Problems? – “There are some wonderful masters programs in accounting. There are many, though, that don’t provide sufficient value for the extra buck being charged.” [The Summa]
Tax Court Finds Thighmaster’s Tax Shelter Flabby – “[F]irm thighs only get you so far in Tax Court.” GTK. [Tax Update Blog]
Fidelity fires four for playing fantasy football – You’ve been warned. [Star-Telegram]