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Review Comments | 10.12.09

president_george_washington.jpgWashington: First in War, Peace — and Accounting – Father of the Country apparently knew his debits and credits. He even documented his gambling losses to keep the those filthy bookies off his back. [Washington Post]
Chicago Cubs file Ch. 11 bankruptcy – Just to move things along. [Chicago Tribune]
National Association of Business Economists: ‘Great recession is over’ – How many times is this thing going to get called? [Denver Business Journal]
Wesley gets ‘Sniped’ – Tax problems simply aren’t enough. Let’s throw some Ponzi related victimization. It may be time to seriously consider White Men Can’t Jump 2. [NYP]
SEC Adds to KB Home’s Troubles – “In a quarterly filing Friday with the Securities and Exchange Commission, KB said the SEC staff has issued a ‘formal order of investigation…regarding possible accounting and disclosure issues.'” – Never good. [WSJ]