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Job of the Day: You’re Good Enough for Government Work

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for hire me2.jpgThe word on the street is working in government isn’t a bad move. Plus, Texas doesn’t have an income tax.
Check out the details for a financial examiner position for the Credit Union Department for the State of Texas located in Houston, after the jump.

Company: Credit Union Department – State of Texas
Title: Financial Examiner IV
Location: Houston, TX
Experience: 3 – 5 years
Compensation: $50,000 – $70,000
Description: Professional examining position with the responsibility for conducting examinations of complex credit unions with persistent problems, in addition to routine examinations. Work involves examining and verifying financial and operating statements, analyzing and interpreting financial and statistical data, ascertaining compliance with applicable state and federal laws, rules, bylaws, and sound business practices, and evaluating management performance. Functions as the Examiner-in-Charge of large team examinations or provides oversight responsibility for a specific function of the examination. May be an examiner with extensive experience or expertise in one or more areas of the examination process, such as accounting, specialized lending, management consulting, or investments.
Responsibilities: Verifying the accuracy of accounting records and related financial statements; reviewing a sample of loan files to ascertain proper documentation and adequate procedures; reviewing board policies and verifying compliance; verifying investments and determining that investment policies are adequate and appropriate; verifying compliance with applicable sections of the Texas Finance Code, Commission Rules, and Bylaws; verfying compliance with other related laws or applicable federal regulations; and evaluating management effectiveness and internal controls.
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