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Review Comments | 10.13.09

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for ey_bandaids.jpg• Don’t forget to take our survey. Again, it’s harmless.
Heller Creditors to Go After Partners and Accountants? – One more lawsuit won’t hurt, E&Y. [AM Law Daily]
IRS: Infant Formula Not Deductible by Mother With Double Mastectomy – Oh, that’s nice. [TaxProf Blog]
High Court To Hear Ex-Enron CEO’s Criminal Appeal – Too bad Ken Lay kicked the bucket. He’s missing the SCOTUS and possibly Broadway. [AP via NPR]
Judge in Bear Stearns trial rejects jurors for bias – Nice way to start things. [Reuters]
Senate Finance Panel Approves Health Bill, 14-9 – God, if only this was the end of it. [WSJ]