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Review Comments | 10.27.09

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for barneyfrank4.jpgHedge and private funds to register, open up books to SEC – Barney Frank, steering the ship: “The legislation would require fund managers to keep additional records and make new disclosures about their transactions to both the SEC and a proposed systemic risk regulator. The SEC would disclose additional information about trading to investors, creditors and other counterparties.” [Market Watch]
Bank protesters descend on downtown Chicago – Angry people with signs, costumes. No Oprah though. [Chicago Breaking News]
Only You Can Prevent White-Collar Crime: A Guest Post – Got it? [RTA]
U.S. Revokes Licenses of Pilots Over Wrong-Way Flight – Solitaire is so damn distracting. [Bloomberg]
Chicago Offers Bounties to Tax Whistleblowers – Protestors will now have something to do. [TaxProf Blog]