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Review Comments | 09.29.09

Thumbnail image for ey_bandaids.jpgHong Kong Police Raid Ernst & Young Office in Akai Audit Probe – Seems that they were to arrest individuals taking home office supplies for personal use. [Bloomberg]
SEC told to aggressively assess tips after Madoff – As opposed to passively assessing them, which has been standard operating procedure at the Commission for years. [Reuters]
Tax Court: CPA’s Google Search Does Not Constitute Reasonable Cause to Avoid Penalty – The Internet does not trump the IRC. [TaxProf Blog]
Senate Committee Rejects Public Option for Health Overhaul – You’re either thrilled or completely pissed. [WSJ]
Reznick Group Launches New SAS 70 Website – For you serious types. [Press Release]
Stanford fails in bid to access insurance – Unfortunately for Stan, there’s no exchange rate for Lucky Strikes. [FT]