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Preliminary Analytics | 09.30.09

Thumbnail image for cadbury_egg.jpgNovember Deadline Set for Kraft’s Cadbury Offer – Wonderful. We’re going to hear about cheese substance made by robots trying to copulate with sweet confections for another month. [DealBook]
CIT Said to Weigh Financing From Citigroup, Barclays – What? They didn’t call this one? [Bloomberg]
Bank-Bailout Fund Faces Years in Red as Failures Jolt System – “FDIC officials stressed that the fund’s depleted state wouldn’t affect depositors because federally insured deposits are backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government.” Oh, well that’s a relief then. [WSJ]
Plenty More Bank Losses Expected Globally – When will this happen? [WSJ]
UBS Warns on Third-Quarter Losses – Wow. That was fast. [WSJ]
Confidence surges among CFOs in US – It feels like the confidence has been surging for some time now. [FT]
Auditing the Fed: Redux – Our contributor, Adrienne Gonzalez got linked over at FT Alphaville. Nice work! [JDA]