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Review Comments | 09.15.09

stanford1.jpgWill Allen Stanford Wind Up Calling Allen Stanford To The Stand? – We’re totally pulling for Stan to defend himself. That would up the circus rating on this thing to just below O.J. status. [DB]
Bernanke Says U.S. Recession ‘Very Likely’ Has Ended – Except it won’t feel that way, sayeth Obi-wan Benobi. [Bloomberg]
The Devil’s Dictionary — Financial Edition – Mark-to-market didn’t make this list so we’re not sure how credible this dictionary is. If you’ve got additions of your own, leave them in the comments. [WSJ]
CFOs Put on a Happy Face – If you’re not a CFO, maybe not so happy. [CFO]
Where People Die – Our initial response is: Everywhere. But for FN’s post, West Virginia has the most, which isn’t so surprising and Utah leads in births, which is even less surprising. [Floyd Norris/NYT]