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Review Comments | 01.12.10

Thumbnail image for ey8ball.jpgThe SEC Whacks Ernst & Young Over Bally Total Fitness — Now for the Spoils of Victory – “it can be predicted – and the accounting profession should expect – that going forward, the SEC will aggressively aim its macho enforcement testosterone at the big firms’ individual personnel.” [Re: Balance/Jim Peterson]
Choose Wisely! – Joe Kristan’s suggestions are better than the IRS’ [Tax Update Blog]
Open Memo to Medifast Chief Executive and CFO Michael S. McDevitt – Sam is sticking up for his friend Barry Minkow. [White Collar Fraud/Sam Antar]
Obama seems to have ignored Geithner’s advice on bank taxes – Yep. He’s fired. [CFOZone]
Galleon’s Rajaratnam slams wiretaps, stays free – Cherry picked wire taps will not stand, says Raj’s attorney. [Reuters]