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Preliminary Analytics | 09.16.09

the-end.jpgBankers Should Repent, Archbishop of Canturbury Says – And since the bankers and others are blaming the accountants, you all should get with the penance as well [AP via NYT]
Buffett Says the U.S. Economy Has ‘Hit a Plateau at Bottom’ – This bodes well the Beard’s calling of the match yesterday. [Bloomberg]
Pimco’s Gross Boosts Government Debt to 5-Year High – Take note, USD haters. [Bloomberg]
James S. McDonald, C.E.O. of Rockefeller & Co., Dies at 56 – Illuminati theories can commence now. [NYT]
Facebook Says Its Finances Are Looking Up – 300 million members and free cash flow positive, so you must be on there providing witless comments about how you hate our jobs. Join the GC group. [Bits]