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Recruiting, Week 2 Thread

BelushiCollege.jpgWe hear that both KPMG and Deloitte are on campus this week so we’ll start another thread about these two firms and what they’re bringing to the table, including quality of the social events (which we’ve heard are now alcohol free, please confirm).
If you’re a recruit, let us know what your impressions are and if there are other firms on your campus this week. Are you getting straight answers to your questions or are you getting dodged on pay, number of new hires, etc.
If you’re a recruiter or associate meeting the recruits, what are your impressions? Is anyone showing up in sweats? Are they asking nosy questions about money, layoffs, etc. that result you having to tell half-truths because you’ve got no idea if you’re going to have a job in the next month or two?