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Review Comments | 07.28.09

obama_point.jpgPhibro mum after White House slams reported $100 million payday – “Phibro LLC, the energy trading arm of beleaguered bank Citigroup, was mum Tuesday after the White House criticized a reported $100 million pay plan for its top trader Andrew Hall as ‘out of whack.'” [Reuters]
Sprint-Nextel to acquire Virgin Mobile USA – “Sprint Nextel, the third-largest US mobile network operator, unveiled a $420m deal on Tuesday to acquire Virgin Mobile USA, the wireless phone company in which Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group is the largest shareholder.” []
House Panel Approves New Rules on Executive Pay – “Marking an important victory for the White House, a congressional committee approved on Tuesday legislation closely resembling the Obama administration’s proposal that attempts to impose new restraints on executive pay.” [New York Times]
Baldness Not a Requirement for Working at Goldman Sachs [Daily Intel]
Backdating Returns to the Spotlight – “The IRS released new tax guidance this month related to so-called backdated stock options. But discounted options are still not considered ‘qualified performance based compensation.'” []