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Review Comments | 10.29.09

Thumbnail image for geithner-tim.jpgFed should lose AIG-style bailout powers: Geithner – The past is the past, huh, Timmay? [Reuters]
Chrysler to offer live TV service in vehicles up to 20 channels starting in December – Because we can’t squeeze in enough at home. [CT]
Wall Street Journal closes Boston bureau – Dow Jones and Market Watch will stay for now. [Reuters]
CFOs on the Move: Week Ending October 30 – Motorola, Nissan, Nokia all have new chiefs. [CFO]
Not Good Enough – Gotta good job? Still need a second job? [Financial Armageddon]
Citrin Cooperman to Merge in Carrow Doyle – Combined firm will have $80+ million in revenues and have offices in Philadelphia and New York looking to expand to Boston, and Washington. [Web CPA]