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Returning to Big 4?

Hey all,
Got a quick question for you Big 4 vets and beyond:
My dilemma is this:
I've previously worked 1.5 years in the big 4 and have the stripes on my back to prove it. Not a whole lot of time right? Yeah, I know.. but I recognized that all of the internal FP&A/Finance/Accounting industry jobs wanted specific skills that I knew I wouldn't get unless I just jumped right into it as early as possible (ironically, I see more people hired out of the big 4 and put into manager positions without having performed 1 day of the activity they now own).
So that's what I did… Got my CPA, jumped ship for a financial analyst position for a 25% raise and great benefits. Got accepted into a significantly ranked part-time MBA program as well.
Got absolutely overwhelmed and continued my studies while moving to a much-more cushy job. I've got accounting certifications coming out the wazoo now.
As I am coming up to graduate, I am getting the itch to go back to a Big 4 Audit/M&A/Advisory group. I ultimately want to have the best shot possible at a private/public CFO position one day. 
Does it make sense to go back to Big 4 as a senior associate after graduation or try for a senior financial analyst/FP&A/associate manager position at a public/private company?
All the best,
BronzyClown (The Bronziest Clown)