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Return to audit for opportunity abroad? Hinder future options?

A little background: I was a new senior two in financial service assurance when I left before busy season at a Big 4 to travel full time throughout South America for a few months. I am a travel nerd. I go on international trips whenever possible and have become quite skilled at finding cheap(er) tickets. The itch was too great and I wanted to see if I could still speak any Spanish so I left. I left (instead of leave of absense) because my team turned over, I wasn't sure I was returning to my home town, and I wasn't sure I wanted to get back into audit. Flash forward to today and I am back in the USA trying to make career decisions. 

I have mostly been focused on getting into Transaction Service practices in Due Diligence because I think I'd enjoy the fast pace, unpredictability, and exposure. I've had a few offers in corporate and I just don't think I'm ready for that type of 'work-life' balance. I'm of the mindset work the long hours now before I'm ready to settle down. 

I just recently was presented with an opportunity by my former partner to return to assurance abroad in Europe on a large, new (to firm) client. One of my goals is to have an international career so this would be a step in that direction. I'd be working with an international team and getting great experience, however, it would still be audit. My real question is, would returning to audit and waiting until Manager deter my opportunities to transition to transaction services or other consulting type roles in 2-3 years? I have some personal decisions to make as well but I want to figure out the career path consequenses first.

Any insight or stories about those that have made similar decisions either way would be great! Thank you.