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Reminder: Daylight Savings Time is an Excellent Opportunity to Rip Off Clients

If you are one of those strange people who still has to set your clocks manually, you may not be aware that this Sunday marks the beginning of Daylight Savings Time. You may also not be aware — and this goes for you, partners and other such grunt-wranglers — that DST is an awesome opportunity to squeeze out just one more billable hour.

Just look at this old but still relevant explanation of how it works by Greg Kyte over at VeraSage:

Ron Baker, you were wrong once again. The night before last was one of the biggest nights of the year for my firm. You and the rest of the VeraSage flunkies could have had a piece of it too, but I guess you ditched the timesheet an hour too soon.

You see, we have an annual tradition during the heart of busy season. Everyone in our firm is expected to work the night before daylight savings time. We all work until 3:30 a.m. at which point we have a party. The party consists of waffles and a cheese tray. How we can afford to treat our people that good, you ask? Well, it’s all thanks to Ben Franklin and a little thing that we like to call the TIMESHEET because at precisely 2 a.m. we set our clocks ahead to 3 a.m. With a staff of 52 and an average billable rate of $120, our firm pockets an extra $6,240 just for staying up late and “springing ahead”.

Hahahaha that Ron Baker will never learn, will he? Always trying to kill the billable hour when instead he could be totally using it to his advantage to bilk clients!

Maybe we shouldn't have resurrected this post from the dead ahead of DST? Would hate for anyone to get any bright ideas and actually suggest this.