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Results are Here for the Rothstein Kass KPMG Acquisition Rumors Survey

Before we get into survey results, we need to clear something up for certain readers who may be new to the Internet. Those of you donning tin foil hats and screaming "CONSPIRACY!!" because the Rothstein Kass KPMG story is no longer featured need to settle down. It did its time as top story for an entire week — which was plenty — and is no longer appearing as a "MOST READ" because that content automatically refreshes after a week. This does not mean we've "buried" it, any more than we buried Colin's investigative piece on accounting firm tchotchkes he wrote back in 2009.

We remind you all that at this point, several offices are still in the dark. We got word of a meeting with the Beverly Hills tax department and are hearing about a lot of closed door meetings but not much else. This is where YOU come in; if you care that much about this developing situation, then reach out and let us know what's going on. If no one is talking except in the comment section, you can't expect us to give this story much attention and we will inevitably move on.

Now that I got that out of the way, let's get to the survey.

It's worth noting that results will be skewed for several reasons. First, we aren't freaking Gallup, alright? Second, due to the nature of this rumor, a lot of people are (understandably) a tad paranoid and we value anonymity here so we did not verify the minimal data we requested such as firm, location and email. Rest assured that part of the data was for our own purposes (meaning we don't give a shit, we just wanted to introduce some kind of control). Third, the questions asked were based on reader suggestion, therefore they don't leave much room for "I don't know" answers (although we did leave that as an option) and may steer responses one way or another as surveys tend to do.

Most notable, the 83.5% of 128 respondents who said no, they do not believe office PICs are handling the situation with open and honest dialogue. We'll leave that one as PIC bait should any of them feel compelled to get open and honest in the comments (don't worry, guys, your secret is safe with us).

As for the rest? Well, check it out. Oh, and please forgive Colin's typo in the original survey, we assure you that did not impact the data.

Rothstein Kass KPMG Acquisition Rumor Survey