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Promotion Watch ’23: EY Promotes 966 to Partner, Missing Last Year’s Record of 1033

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Undeterred by the embarrassment of Everest’s implosion, EY proudly announced today that 966 people have been promoted to partner across the globe. That’s down from the record 1,033 promoted to partner in 2022.

The obligatory press release makes sure to mention that these promotions reflect continued growth and strong business performance by the organization. In case we didn’t get it the first time, it also adds this: “The significant number of partner promotions demonstrates the EY commitment to offering exceptional opportunities for career progression, diverse career opportunities across all business areas and geographies, and rewards for high performance.”

Although a greater percent of women were promoted to partner this year compared to last year (34% vs. 32%), because last year’s cohort was larger the number of women promoted was about the same (329 this year vs. 330-ish last year).

EY member firms in Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa (EMEIA) had the largest proportion of new partners, with 395 promotions (41%) followed by the Americas with 322 promotions (33%). New partners in EY member firms in the Asia-Pacific area totaled 216 (22%).

The largest proportion of partner promotions came from Assurance with 304 (31%). Totals across the service lines are as follows:

  • Assurance: 304 (31%)
  • Tax: 268 (28%)
  • Consulting: 262 (27%)
  • Strategy and Transactions: 111 (11%)

The remaining new partners are 21 folks in business support (2%).

Last year’s breakdown went Assurance with 344 (33%), Consulting with 265 (26%), Tax with 235 (23%), and Strategy and Transactions with 171 (16%) plus 18 business support partners (2%).

And here come the quotes!

“As we prepare EY to continue to thrive this year and beyond, I am delighted to congratulate our new class of EY partners on this impressive milestone as we celebrate the career progression of our new partner promotes. They are fantastic stewards of the EY brand and their promotions are the result of their continuous commitment to the EY purpose of building a better working world,” said Carmine Di Sibio or whoever writes his quotes to make sure he gets “better working world” in there.

“It’s an honor to introduce this new member firm partner class, with an impressive diversity of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. These dedicated individuals will be instrumental in helping us shape the future of the organization, and truly illustrate that EY is a place where people can explore flexible, diverse career paths as they gain the skills and experiences they need to achieve their unique career ambitions,” added Trent Henry, EY Global Vice Chair – Talent.

Jokes about canned PR quotes aside, congrats to all! You made it!