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PwC Wasn’t About to Let October Pass Without Announcing Their Latest Talent Acquisition From KPMG

If you’ve been paying attention, you know that PwC has made KPMG it’s own personal farm system for partners and directors. It seems that P. Dubs follows all the talent out there and then simply calls the men and women up when they’re ready for the big leagues. We’ve noted four press releases put out by PwC announcing appointments of partner/directors that were brought over from the House of Klynveld. And who knows how many other, non-PR worthy partners, have also joined Team Autumn. Trust us, it’s happening; we hear things.

ANYWAY, in today’s Daily Grind newsletter, I wondered if PwC would take the opportunity of All Hallow’s Eve to pull a trick on KPMG, announcing that yet another partner or director had recently joined up with P. Dubs. My wonderment was largely in jest but I guess I’ve misunderestimated the scamps in PwC’s communications department:

Eric Israel, who joins PwC as a managing director, is a former KPMG managing director and that firm’s US advisory practice leader on climate change and sustainability. He has more than 25 years of experience with KPMG where he began his career in the Netherlands as a Chartered Accountant. Later, Israel moved into sustainability consulting where he has focused his work for nearly 14 years. Israel has global experience in sustainable development concepts and application, finance and sustainability assurance, climate change and carbon consulting & verification, business research and development, as well as knowledge management and corporate governance. He also has participated in the work of organizations such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the Sustainability Consortium and the AICPA’s and CICA’s joint Sustainability Task Force.

Israel co-founded KPMG’s Global Sustainability Services practice and wrote KPMG’s first Sustainability Audit Manual. He received his BA in Accounting and Business Administration from the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands. He will be based in PwC’s New York office.

In other words, Izzy is was KPMG’s Global Sustainability practice. He wrote the audit manual for crissakes! Of course since he’s just a co-founder, that hopefully means that his fellow co-founder is still around. At least until he/she gets their own press release.