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KPMG Poaches Someone From PwC and Issues a Press Release, Part XVII

Last month KPMG made a big deal in a press release about how it had added eight partners and managing directors to “advance its Tax Reimagined service offering.” Good for you, KPMG. But what’s somewhat interesting is that the eight new partners and managing directors came from two other Big 4 firms, one of which […]

PwC Poaches Someone From KPMG and Issues a Press Release, Parts X and XI

While the Great Resignation in public accounting hasn’t slowed down much recently, there are still people who are jockeying for a better job in the Big 4 and have left one firm for another. In this case, it’s something we used to write about A LOT back in the day: people bolting KPMG for PwC. […]

KPMG Poaches Someone From PwC and Issues a Press Release, Part XVI

It looks like the hot spots for Big 4-on-Big 4 poaching lately are the U.K. and Australia, where KPMG Down Under recently made champagne wishes and caviar dreams come true for one PwC managing director. Australian Financial Review reported: Sally Torgoman, 38, has joined KPMG as a partner in the firm’s infrastructure business. Ms Torgoman was […]

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KPMG Poaches Someone From PwC and Issues a Press Release, Part XV

In today’s edition of “Big 4-on-Big 4 Poaching From Around the World,” we head to the largest country in South America where Carlos Augusto da Rosa Gomes recently left PwC in Brazil for the bluer pastures of KPMG. He announced his new home away from home on LinkedIn earlier this month: KPMG is Carlos’s third […]

KPMG Poaches Someone From PwC and Issues a Press Release, Part XIV

Andrew Yates has put together a squad—six men (including Yates) and six women—who will act as his right hand when he takes over as CEO of KPMG Australia on July 1. One of the members of KPMG Australia’s new National Executive Committee is a recent refugee of PwC, according to a press release: External hire, Dorothy […]

KPMG Poaches Someone From PwC and Issues a Press Release, Parts XII and XIII

In today’s edition of “Big 4-on-Big 4 Poaching From Around the World,” we have two more examples of PwCers hoping the grass is more greener at KPMG. First, we go to Scotland where Rob Aitken left PwC to become KPMG’s newest transaction services director in Aberdeen. The website got some information about KPMG of […]

KPMG Poaches Someone From PwC and Issues a Press Release, Part XI

Hey. Hope you are having a good Monday so far. Danielle Malone wasn’t as scared of KPMG coming after her as the dog in the video we posted on Sunday. In fact, she actually left PwC in Australia (the biggest of the Big 4 in terms of revenue) to join the Australian House of Klynveld […]

KPMG Poaches Someone From PwC and Issues a Press Release, Part X

Not only are there two former EY tax wonks who are part of the latest class of tax partners and managing directors at KPMG but there’s also a PwC refugee. From a KPMG announcement posted by Tax Grotto: Jeremy Jester has rejoined KPMG as a managing director in its SALT practice. He has nearly 15 years […]

KPMG Poaches Someone From PwC and Issues a Press Release, Part IX

Back in August it was announced that KPMG’s head of diversity and inclusion, Michele Meyer-Shipp, would be leaving the firm to join the big leagues. No, not Deloitte, the actual big leagues—Major League Baseball—as its new chief people and culture officer. It took a while but today KPMG announced Meyer-Shipp’s successor, Elena Richards, who left […]

KPMG Poaches Someone From PwC and Issues a Press Release, Part VIII

The KPMG/PwC poaching rivalry is still going strong, but weirdly, it seems like more troops are deserting PwC for a job at KPMG than the other way around. It’s like we’re living in Bizarro World. In our latest edition of “Big 4-on-Big 4 Poaching From Around the World,” one of the newest partners at KPMG […]

KPMG Poaches Someone From PwC and Issues a Press Release, Part VII

It seems like more Big 4ers are trading in their PwC autumnal hues for KPMG blue lately than the other way around. That was the case in our latest edition of “Big 4-on-Big 4 Poaching From Around the World,” as the Queen’s KPMG officially unveiled three new private equity partners, one of whom was snatched […]

KPMG Poaches Two More People From PwC and Issues a Press Release, Part VI

It’s pretty crazy that there have been so many new KPMG hires from around the globe lately who have come from PwC, because it wasn’t that long ago when KPMG was pretty much a playground for future PwCers. Big 4-on-Big 4 poaching is fun! Especially when it involves these two firms. So let’s head over to […]

KPMG Poaches Someone From PwC and Issues a Press Release, Part V

Everyone’s favorite golf company just hired away a turnaround specialist from one of its biggest rivals in the U.K. Let’s take a trip to London for our latest edition of “Big 4-on-Big 4 Poaching From Around the World,” where we learn a little more about PwCer-turned-KPMGer Massimiliano Messina: Professional services firm KPMG has announced the […]

KPMG Poaches Someone From PwC and Issues a Press Release, Part IV

In our latest installment of “Competitive Poaching From Around the World,” we travel to Scotland for some Big 4-on-Big 4 action. And it involves our favorite poaching rivalry: PwC vs. KPMG. This time KPMG of the Scottish variety did a little shopping at PwC. While not a press release, here’s an excerpt from a post […]

KPMG Poaches Someone From PwC and Issues a Press Release, Parts II and III

Back about seven or eight years ago, there was no bigger rivalry among the Big 4 than PwC vs. KPMG. The House of Klynveld was constantly trying to steal P. Dubs’ audit clients and KPMG pretty much became PwC’s personal farm system for partners and directors. Between 2011 and 2013, there were at least nine […]

HSBC Dumping KPMG for PwC as Auditor

Alright, alright, alright. We knew this was possible. Let's try to keep things civil. HSBC Holdings Plc (HSBA), Europe’s largest bank, appointed PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP as auditor, dropping KPMG LLP after more than two decades. PwC will audit the 2015 fiscal year for the lender, subject to approval from shareholders at the bank’s annual meeting in May, […]

PwC Poaches a KPMG Partner* and Issues a Press Release, Part IX

*By partner, in fact, it's technically a "national leader in Conflict Minerals Center of Excellence" which was a Director role. At least from what I can tell on Greg Szczesny's LinkedIn profile. Anyway, Mr. Szczesny (I'm going with suh-seez-NEE) will be a Managing Director in PwC's Risk Assurance practice focusing on…yes, conflict minerals services. And […]

Accounting Career Moves: When Faced with a Choice, Do You Go with Prestige or Power?

Let's use Luca Maestri’s move from Xerox to Apple as a discussion starter: Apple Inc. (AAPL), the world’s most valuable company, has hired Xerox Corp. (XRX) Chief Financial Officer Luca Maestri as its corporate controller. […] “Moving from Xerox to Apple is a step up, even going from CFO to controller,” John Bright, an analyst […]

PwC Poaches a KPMG Partner and Issues a Press Release, Part VIII

An alternative title for this post would be "PwC Poaches a KPMG Partner and a Deloitte Partner and Issues a Press Release, Part I." John Tantillo and Farah Faruqui are proud new partners in PwC's Risk Assurance Services practice; they both specialize in internal audit. Tantillo spent 27 years at KPMG prior to trading in for […]

PwC Will Be Poaching KPMG Myanmar Partners Before You Know It

Exactly one week after the House of Klynveld planted the flag in Myanmar, their chief nemesis has followed suit: Professional services group PricewaterhouseCoopers opened a Myanmar office Tuesday, becoming the second of the Big Four global accountancy firms to set up shop in the long-isolated country since it launched democratic and economic reforms last year. The […]

KPMG Poaches Someone From PwC and Issues a Press Release, Part I

Over the last year or so, we've noticed a tug o' war between KPMG and PwC in the "competitive poaching" arena with PwC doing most of the tugging. Some people might go so far to say that KPMG is the training ground for future PwC starters – a Triple-A for CPAs, if you will. The news of […]

KPMG Sorta Making Up for Losing All Those Partners to PwC By Taking Some of Their Audit Clients

Accounting News Report, using data from Audit Analytics, puts out an Auditor Change Analysis every year and it usually finds its way into our inbox, however, because the analysis is a subscription-based publication (and a pricey one at that), reproducing the whole thing is usually not an option. This year we asked pretty please, and we got […]

Confirmed: PwC Partners In Charge of Tallying Oscar Ballots Have No Connection to KPMG

It's February which means important traditions are observed that include rodents, candy hearts, and of course, football. Handing out Oscars is another February tradition and that includes red carpets, a drunk baked Joan Rivers and, last but not least, PwC auditors in tuxedos. The PwC auditors are usually the butt of recycled jokes what with their average […]

Who Is the Going Concern Accountant of the Year?

Continuing with the theme of, "It's the end of the year so we have to compile posts that remind us of how bad it was," we're offering up nominees for accountant of the year. Now, the term "accountant," for the purposes of this post won't follow strict construction. For example, if you work for an […]

SHOCKING: That Rockin’ PwC Wall Street Journal Ad Cost A Few Benjamins

Happy Friday folks. Hopefully you're reading this from one of three places: 1. Your Couch2. Gate 23 on your way to St. Louis3. The Bar – any bar. But regardless of where you are today, we just know your holiday weekend wouldn't be complete without knowing how much cash money The Powers That Be at […]

(UPDATE/CORRECTION) PwC Couldn’t Find a KPMG Partner to Join Their Irvine, California Office So They Poached a Grant Thornton Partner Instead

Today in partners ditching their firm for PwC news, Gary Wilson, a 20-year Grant Thornton veteran and managing partner of the Irvine, California office will take the exact same job at join PwC on January 5th. It appears this news was first reported by the OC Business Journal and not by a press release, which proves […]

"thank you" in stickers on a white background

PwC Partners Take Their Appreciation for Employees to the Pages of the Wall Street Journal

A “Senior Associate” who was not impressed with the firm’s effort tipped us to an ad in today’s Journal. SUBJECT: How the hell have you not done a story on PwC’s terrrrrrrrrrrrrible ad in the WSJ???? What are you guys asleep at the switch? PwC ran shitty ad featuring our new brand in the WSJ. The partners […]

PwC Poaches a (Former) KPMG Partner and Issues a Press Release, Part VII

As we've discussed, PwC has been on a bit of a hiring spree for partners and directors this year. Perhaps more notably is the firm's development of KPMG into its partner/director farm system. How this appears to work (PwC won't tell us) is that a young man or woman first must achieve the rank of […]

PwC Poaches a KPMG Partner and Issues a Press Release, Part VI

Today in KPMG is the PwC Triple-A team news, partner Erik Hansen has joined the P. Dubs Houston office as a risk assurances partner leading the firm’s Internal Audit Practice in the Oil and Gas Industry Sectors. I suppose it goes without saying that Mr. Hansen is pretty adept in the energy field, as well as auditing:

Hansen has served companies in the oil and gas industry on issues related to internal audit outsourcing and co-sourcing solutions, Sarbanes-Oxley assistance services, as well as other risk and control-related services. He has also served as an instructor in several KPMG training programs designed to provide partners and managers with the skills and knowledge necessary to be effective in the marketplace.

Enjoy Houston, Erik! Just keep your wits about you at the happy hours down there.

[via PwC]
Earlier: More posts on KPMG v. PwC.

PwC Is Still Looking For (Other Big 4’s) Talent

We didn’t say poaching. But if we did say poaching, we’d also mention PwC is pretty damn good at it.

A non-PwC but Big 4 tipster shares an unsolicited email received on LinkedIn. Names have been redacted to protect the innocent (and guilty):

Significant Audit Opportunity with PwC in Chicago!
Dear ______,

Hello! I took some time to review your profile and felt that it would be mutually valuable for us to connect. I am a the manager of the talent acquisition team for our Assurance group at PwC, and we are currently experiencing substantial growth in this area across the US. In fact, our Chicago region ranked # 1 out of 6 markets with respect to growth in 2010.

Therefore, I’d appreciate the opportunity to set up some time with you to have a dialogue around industry and marketplace trends and PwC’s current expansion plans.

Even if you are not currently exploring outside opportunities, I would welcome the chance to network with you. Alternatively, if you know of anyone else who is open to considering new ventures, please feel free to pass on my details. With all the changes going on in the industry, especially at PwC, it’s always good to do a little information gathering.

Please feel free to contact me, or _____, Experienced Recruiting Associate – Assurance, at________ or at _______.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Is it just me or is “a little information gathering” a totally creepy proposition? And really?! “Significant” position? That’s the best they could do? I’m sorry but if I were a Big 4 grunt happy with my employer, it would take more than “significant” to get me to double cross them by abandoning them for the enemy.

Of course, this teaches those of you miserable in your current positions that it is important to have an updated LinkedIn presence that will draw in those anxious recruiters in like flies to Caleb’s armpits after a marathon yoga session.

Go get ’em, PwC!

PwC Wasn’t About to Let October Pass Without Announcing Their Latest Talent Acquisition From KPMG

If you’ve been paying attention, you know that PwC has made KPMG it’s own personal farm system for partners and directors. It seems that P. Dubs follows all the talent out there and then simply calls the men and women up when they’re ready for the big leagues. We’ve noted four press releases put out by PwC announcing appointments of partner/directors that were brought over from the House of Klynveld. And who knows how many other, non-PR worthy partners, have also joined Team Autumn. Trust us, it’s happening; we hear things.

ANYWAY, in today’s Daily Grind newsletter, I wondered if PwC would take the opportunity of All Hallow’s Eve to pull a trick on KPMG, announcing that yet another partner or director had recently joined up with P. Dubs. My wonderment was largely in jest but I guess I’ve misunderestimated the scamps in PwC’s communications department:

Eric Israel, who joins PwC as a managing director, is a former KPMG managing director and that firm’s US advisory practice leader on climate change and sustainability. He has more than 25 years of experience with KPMG where he began his career in the Netherlands as a Chartered Accountant. Later, Israel moved into sustainability consulting where he has focused his work for nearly 14 years. Israel has global experience in sustainable development concepts and application, finance and sustainability assurance, climate change and carbon consulting & verification, business research and development, as well as knowledge management and corporate governance. He also has participated in the work of organizations such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the Sustainability Consortium and the AICPA’s and CICA’s joint Sustainability Task Force.

Israel co-founded KPMG’s Global Sustainability Services practice and wrote KPMG’s first Sustainability Audit Manual. He received his BA in Accounting and Business Administration from the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands. He will be based in PwC’s New York office.

In other words, Izzy is was KPMG’s Global Sustainability practice. He wrote the audit manual for crissakes! Of course since he’s just a co-founder, that hopefully means that his fellow co-founder is still around. At least until he/she gets their own press release.

PwC Gives KPMG a Break, Appoints Insider as New Head of U.S. Tax

I guess it was funny the first four times (and that doesn’t count the chumps that don’t get press releases) but for the extra special positions, P. Dubs must prefer to keep things in house.

Mark J. Mendola has been named as PwC’s U.S. Tax leader and a vice chairman of the firm. He will also serve as a member of the firm’s U.S. leadership team and the global Tax leadership team. Additionally, he will be responsible for the network of Tax practices across the Americas, including Canada, Mexico and South America.

For those keeping close tabs on this sort of thing, MJM joined PwC in ’86, no doubt inspired to join the tax practice thanks to the efforts of the Gipper & Co. He joined the partnership in ’98 with no indication that he strayed to the HoK. Word on the street is that KPMG is pretty bent out of shape over the competitive poaching, so PwC must be backing off. For now, anyway.

[via PwC]

Promotion Watch ’11: KPMG Admits 166 New Partners in the Americas

That’s right boys and girls, 166 new lucky Klynveldians will be taking a seat at the big kids table, only to be poached by PwC in the next 2-3 years. Despite the risk that many of these new partners will trade blue squares for autumnal Atari, John Veihmeyer and Henry Keizer were excited to welcome the newest members of the club:

“These new partners are role models for high performance – with a passion for quality, an unyielding commitment to integrity and outstanding service, and a dedication to helping clients cut through the complexity in this dynamic environment,” said John B. Veihmeyer, Chairman of KPMG’s Americas region and Chairman and CEO of KPMG LLP (U.S.).

“We are very proud of each of these new partners, and we look forward to their continued leadership. We’re especially grateful to the spouses, family, friends, coworkers, and mentors who have played a key role in their development and their career success,” Veihmeyer said.

Henry R. Keizer, Deputy Chairman of the Americas region and Deputy Chairman and COO, KPMG LLP (U.S.) said, “With their steadfast focus on technical excellence, professionalism, teaming and relationship building, these new partners have helped us make great strides in achieving our strategic priorities.

“Their ability to engage and motivate our people has also been critical to our efforts in fostering a high-performance culture – thereby driving the firm and our people to the next level,” Keizer said.

The KPMG press release doesn’t have a breakdown of the numbers but luckily we got our virtual hands on an email that has the breakdown. We won’t name names but it’s probably moot since someone at PwC Experienced Hire recruiting probably has them all on a hit list already. ANYWAY, here’s the breakdown by service line for the U.S. (74 new partners):

Advisory – 26
Audit – 27
Tax – 21

And by line of business:

Information, Communications and Entertainment – 12
Financial Services – 17
Healthcare and Pharm – 5
Industrial Markets – 19
Private Equity – 4
Mid Market – 3
Government/Public Sector – 1
Consumer Markets – 9
Other – 4

Congrats to all the new partners!

[via KPMG]

Is PwC the New KPMG?

From the mailbag:

Hi Caleb,

I am considering becoming an experienced hire at PwC, however I have heard some strange things and can’t seem to get a solid angle on them. I have heard that PwC (still) doesn’t let you expense lunches when traveling. I’ve also heard that PwC is still on Windows XP with Office 2003, Lotus Notes email and using Lenovo ThinkPads. Can you please help me confirm or deny these rumors and add some color around them? Also, are there other things at PwC that I should be wary of? Is PwC the new KPMG?


Concerned Potential Recruit

To the best my knowledge, Concerned, I’ll address these one at at time:

1. I have heard that PwC (still) doesn’t let you expense lunches when traveling. – True. PwC does not allow you to expense lunches when traveling, although it’s my understanding that a “business lunch” is reimbursable.

2. I’ve also heard that PwC is still on Windows XP with Office 2003 – Partially true. P. Dubs is on XP but is running Office 2007.

3. Lotus Notes email – True. There were some layoffs of LN developers way back in the fall of ’09 but it’s our understanding that they still run it.

4. Lenovo ThinkPads – True. You were maybe expecting iPads? Those are for bonuses only.

5. Are there other things at PwC that I should be wary of? – I’d start here.

6. Is PwC the new KPMG? – Um, no. Unless you’re consider all the KPMG partners they’ve picked up makes it the “new KPMG.”

(UPDATE, VIDEO) What Is the ‘Next Level’ Coming to KPMG?

From the mailbag:

Relatively ominous link on our internal homepage saying “get ready” “the next level is coming” as of 6.6.11.

We’ve confirmed this “next level” with several people and also that there is a video that Klynveldians are watching. We’d really like to see some screen shots of this, just to get some context. In the meantime, we encourage you to speculate about this “next level” and why you have to “get ready.” I’ll kick things off:

A) Tim Flynn’s retirement party is going to be epic.

B) Omaha Steaks announces a special “KPMG Package” that will drive the other, non-meaty firms crazy.

C) KPMG seeks revenge on PwC with their own competitive poaching efforts by offering the head of the mailroom at 300 Madison a 10% raise and a Phil Mickelson autographed hat.

D) Your ideas.

Supposedly, this is the transcript to the video (still no screen shots, it’s called “Print Screen” people!). Our tipster wrote, “Interesting video that gives very little hint to what the ‘Next Level’ is other than lots of talk of a ‘high-performance’ culture. Maybe it has something to do with changing performance review structure a la PwC. The video definitely gives an ominous feeling as if the KPMGers in it are running out of time and people aren’t adapting to the changing market fast enough for their liking. All in all pretty strange vibes.”

Welcome to the Next Level – Video Transcript


The market’s changed…

In order to compete in today’s world we have to keep up with change…

It’s a mindset… It’s a way of behaving…

It’s about a continuous journey…

Our ambition is greater than where we are today…

The attitude is contagious…

We’re not satisfied…

It’s really about taking it to that next level.

Keep us updated.

Another tipster hears that it has something to do with but “[I] don’t really know what they plan to do with it.” Poking around the site, it appears that it would be related to “Developing the Next Wave of Senior Leaders” but I’ve checked out for the week and don’t have the will to dig further right now.

Well, the video finally made it’s way into my inbox and I’ve posted it on the next page for your viewing pleasure (I realize Klynveldians have seen it already).

After watching it a number of times I still can’t make heads or tails about what the “next level” will be but hopefully it’s does just to this movie trailer-esque video.

PwC Snags Another KPMG Partner

Is PwC offering these partners a lifetime supply of Girl Scout Cookies or something?

Ellen Rotenberg will join PwC to head up the Banking, Capital Markets and Insurance group as a tax partner in New York. She was most recently the National Tax Leader for Banking and Finance at KPMG. Prior to that position she did a stint in KPMG’s Washington National Tax Practice.

If you’re keeping score at home, this is the fourth KPMG partner/principal to join PwC since February (that we know about). Kinda makes you wonder if Tim Flynn is really retiring. [PwC]

PwC Interns to Enjoy the Magic of Disney This Summer

Twenty-four hundred lucky boys and girls will descend on Orlando, Florida to traipse around Disney World in “living classrooms” which sounds a little strange if they’re going to somehow incorporate assurance, advisory and tax services. No one wants to see Minnie Mouse in pantsuit, do they?

“This is a high energy, unforgettable experience that helps prepare interns for their full-time career,” said Paula Loop, US and Global Talent Leader, PwC. “We emphasize the importance of individual contributions to the entire team and how the skills taught at each phase help them advance through the challenges.” Presumably, part of this experience will include persuasion skills that will convince the interns’ best and brightest friends (mostly those interested in tax) who are currently planning to intern with KPMG to defect to PwC at a moment’s notice. [PwC]

What Do Libya and KPMG Have in Common?

That was the question posed to us by our tipster. The answer: more and more defections. The latest is James Draper, per an internal email sent to us this morning.

Welcome new Risk Assurance Principal James Draper

The ranks of Risk Assurance continue to grow with the addition of accomplished professionals. These catalyst and experienced hires are helping us to evolve our services, and impress the marketplace with the expertise in which we deliver them. James Draper is our newest edition, joining us as a principle [sic, Jimbo is now a PwC “pal”] in our San Francisco office.

Jamie’s focus will be on helping to grow our IT&PA/ERP Controls services, particularly in the areas of SAP and JD Edwards. He joins us from KPMG where he has logged over 15 years experience assisting clients with technology risks. Instrumental in helping clients implement controls and security, Jamie has effectively managed the risks associated with large system implementations. In fact, he has assisted a number of global companies across a variety of industries through complex implementations, among them: Chevron, eBay, Nestle, Rolls-Royce (Aerospace) and Dolby. Jamie will help us to help our clients become more efficient in their control processes, leveraging system functionality including SAP’s Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC) module.

[The part where they talk about his personal life]

Please join me in welcoming Jamie to our firm, and to Risk Assurance.

If history is any indicator we’ll see a press release from PwC at some point but in the meantime, reactions to the latest KPMG turncoat are welcome at this time.

More competitive poaching:
PwC Lands Another KPMG Partner; Steven Tseng Joining Transfer Pricing Practice
PwC Picks Up Thomas Henry from KPMG; Will Lead Global Incentives Practice

PwC Lands Another KPMG Partner; Steven Tseng Joining Transfer Pricing Practice

This just in – more competitive poaching from P. Dubs.

PwC US announced today that Steven Tseng has joined PwC US as a partner in the firm’s Transfer Pricing practice. Tseng will relocate to China in June to focus on helping multinational companies with their transfer pricing planning in China and the Asia Pacific region. Tseng will also take the lead role for tax and transfer pricing planning for companies seeking to transform their value chain globally, in particular in Asia.

Tseng joins the firm from KPMG, where he was the Asia Pacific Regional leader for Global Transfer Pricing Services (GTPS) as well as the partner in charge of GTPS in China and Hong Kong. Prior to this role, Tseng was partner in charge of Financial Advisory Services for KPMG in Finland.

This latest pickup follows the firm snagging Tom Henry last month. Rumors have it that there will be more but the question is, who’s next? John Veihmeyer? Keep us updated if you hear anything.

PwC Picks Up Thomas Henry from KPMG; Will Lead Global Incentives Practice

This could be what PwC’s Talent Leader was talking about she said that poaching, “[Has] always been a place we like to stay competitive.”

Mr. Henry, a tax partner who has spent more than 25 years in public accounting, most recently at KPMG, has extensive experience in all areas of state and local taxation. He is best known for his work in the credits and incentives space, both domestically and worldwide. His experience in maximizing global incentives for large multinational corporations in the United States, Europe, Asia and Africa will enable both US-based and non-US-based multinational companies to benefit from his counsel when entering into economic incentives negotiations.

Thomas Henry Joins PwC US To Lead Global Incentives Practice [PR Newswire]

KPMG Recruiter Tries to Convince Some of PwC Advisory to Jump Ship

~ Post has been updated after initial publication, see below.

On Tuesday, we told that you KPMG was using the power of the Google search to try and woo anyone casually interested in “ey careers.” While this use of technological slight of hand by the firm is impressive, today comes word that at least one experienced recruiter within the House of Klynveld is taking a more direct approach:

Well it’s apparent that KPMG – or one of the initials – is desperate for advisory help. I know a ton of PWC peeps who received an email from this nuanced internal recruiter. This guy is spamming all of my colleagues.

From the sounds of it, our source is a little put off by this blatant attempt but for anyone looking for a new gig in the Chicago area, you may want to look this guy up:

FW: It is a great time to consider KPMG Advisory!!!

Hi [annoyed PwC advisory professional],
Your profile came up during our research efforts.

We are actively searching for top talent with Big 4 experience to join KPMG Advisory. In October 2009 we implemented a new structure for US Advisory to help us to better serve our client base and to drive more growth. We have been extremely successful with both of these goals and have a wide variety of opportunities across all of our Advisory Service Groups. I would love to speak with you about these opportunities and how they would be beneficial to you and align with your career goals.

Please let me know when you would have time for an initial conversation.

Finally, make your New Year a great one with a career at KPMG!

Best Regards,
Mike Madura
National Manager – KPMG Advisory Recruiting Research
Office: 312.665.3628
eFax: 312.896.9325
email: [email protected]

Our source also isn’t sure why a restructuring from October 2009 is being used as a selling point but then again, maybe it’s part of the reason KPMG had the highest growth in revenue last year? Feel free to discuss.

UPDATE: This just in, “I work in PwC’s Boston office in tax and many of my colleagues received this email today. Looks like KPMG is after tax too, not just advisory. Thought I would pass it along as a follow up to your earlier post.”

[annoyed PwC tax professional],
Your profile came up during our research efforts.

We are actively searching for top talent with Big 4 experience to join the KPMG Tax Practice.

We are currently experiencing rapid areas of growth across the United States in our Federal, International and State and Local tax divisions.

We are also looking for qualified individuals in our specialty and industry specific practices in M&A Tax, Valuations Services, Financial Services /Alternative Investment Management and Tax Controversy. With so much anticipated growth we can offer faster upward career mobility than what you are currently getting.

I would love to speak with you about these opportunities and how they would be beneficial to you.

KPMG is poised to significantly increase our revenue over the next few years, and we’d like to discuss how you, or someone you know, might align with our strategy!

Please let me know when you would have time for an initial 20 – 30 minute conversation.

Make your New Year a better tomorrow with a career at KPMG.