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PwC: Transferring to an International Office

To give background, I’m in my second year as an assurance associate at PwC. I knew pretty quickly when I started my job that I wouldn’t be an auditor forever, but I would stick it out because the experience was good and I’m learning a lot. I know that I eventually want to work internationally in the advisory/consulting space once making senior. However, recent personal events have unfolded to where I need to move up my career timeline, meaning that next year I’d like to be in London.

I’m struggling with a way to talk to my partner about this; because I’m currently his “favorite” associate (no cockiness intended, really) and I’m more or less being groomed for my specific industry. I very much respect him and my team, however it’s a primary career goal of mine that I would eventually work internationally (preferably when I’m younger/less roots).

So my question is how do I approach him about this while maintaining a good standing? Am I asking too much in my current position? Is there any PwC specific advice anyone has?