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The PwC Partner Who (Sorta) Looks Like Matt Damon and Other Public Accounting Doppelgangers

If you watched the Oscars last night, you probably saw the awkward exchange between host Neil Patrick Harris and PwC's Brian Cullinan.

According to the Daily Mail (I know, I know):

After the gongs had been awarded, Cullinan was brought out by Harris, who grilled him on his job as guardian of the Oscars secrets.

It was then he dropped the surprise line: 'Anyone ever tell you, you look just like Matt Damon?', seizing on the uncanny resemblance.

Before he could answer, Harris had swept away with the key to unveil his secret box, leaving Cullinan to make his way off the stage.

Matt Damon, huh? Sure… sorta.

This got us thinking… what other public accounting doppelgangers are out there? Well, we have a few known ones.

Barry Salzberg and Dr Phil

Jim Quigley and George Costanza

Mark Weinberger and Kenny Powers

Jim Turley and Robert De Niro

We only covered two firms, so if you have suggestions for other well-known public accounting figures (don't bother with the guy in the cube next to you that looks like Dwayne Johnson) post them in the comments.