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Keep These Two Out of Your Oscar Pool | 02.23.15

If I were someone who watched movies, I'd have something fascinating to say about the Oscars last night. However, that isn't the case so the best I can say is that fake baby in American Sniper was totally cheated out of Best Supporting Fake Baby.

The real winners last night were PwC's Brian Cullinan and Martha Ruiz, who were the only two people in the world to know last night's recipients before the show. Supported by a team of 6, the PwC ballot keepers don't keep so much as a spreadsheet of winners — lest this important information get into the wrong hands. It's stored in their heads for safety, because we all know someone could really do some damage if they had such important information prior to the broadcast.

Do their friends press them to spill the beans on Best Picture ahead of time? Of course they do. But these loyal ballot keepers won't let the pressure get to them. “We truly don’t answer that question,” says Cullinan. “Maybe next week we’ll answer, but never before.”