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The Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For: Plante Moran #91 (2021)

[Updated on June 11 with information about employee raises.]

Plante Moran is the darling of the F100BCTWF, having made the list for the 23rd time; however, PM is dangerously close to dropping out of the top 100, falling from No. 21 last year to No. 91 this year.

Despite the huge drop in the rankings, you have to give the firm credit for its staying power. Plante Moran is like this little utopia in the cruel wilderness of public accounting. You never hear or read a bad word uttered about Plante Moran … well, there was that one person who bitched about how the firm treats managers, oh, and there was that other complaint about compensation for managers, and somebody on Vault called the firm “Planet Moron,” and another said leadership was “two-faced” and the firm has a “fake culture.”

OK, compared to other public accounting firms, there aren’t as many bad things said about the Plante Moran experience. Let’s see how Fortune summarized the year of our COVID Lord 2020 at Plante Moran:

Among the nation’s largest accounting, tax, consulting, and wealth management firms, Plante Moran responded to the COVID-19 pandemic in ways that were celebrated by its staff. The company avoided layoffs and furloughs, and even maintained bonuses. It also granted the staff more flexibility, and leaders stepped up with transparency and bold ideas both inside and outside of work. “Not only were staff members given the necessary equipment to work at home, but they were also given extra time off, extra money to update their home offices, and even a financial incentive to purchase home fitness and wellness equipment at a fraction of the normal cost,” says one PMer. Plante Moran also raised and donated $225,000 to the National Association of Black Accountants and the National Urban League through its Giving Campaign for Social Justice in 2020.

While other firms were laying off people left and right during the pandemic last year, Plante Moran didn’t, except for some performance-based separations, we were told. And employees didn’t get raises, which sucks, but hopefully those who stuck it out are rewarded handsomely this year. [UPDATE: Heard from a couple PMers that they did get raises last fall because the firm was doing better than expected. Raises went into effect on Oct. 1 instead of July 1.]

Stats of note:

  • Employees: 3,335
  • Number of job openings: 112 (as of March 2021)
  • Number of job applicants (last 12 months): 21,946
  • Average number of applicants per opening: 60
  • Number of new graduates hired: 764
  • Percentage of women: 48.8%
  • Percentage of minorities: 10.7%
  • PTO limit (days): N/A
  • Number of sick days: N/A

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  1. For the record, we did end up getting raises at the end of September instead of June

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