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PwC Will Not Let Economic Chaos Foil Its Aggressive Hiring Plans

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That’s per PwC US chair Tim Ryan who told Insider the firm has its all-seeing eye firmly focused on the market. For now though? Let’s get those warm bodies into chairs.

Tim Ryan, the US chair of PricewaterhouseCoopers, said the firm’s hiring plans aren’t going through “any major shocks or changes right now” and that the accounting firm is moving ahead with plans to fill thousands of open positions in areas such as auditing and consulting.

“Right now we haven’t seen any reason to make any major adjustments at all,” Ryan told Insider. “We’re actively watching the market.”

PwC has between 3,500 and 4,000 open positions in the US and thinks it stands to make out like a bandit in the months and years ahead as “challenging times” mean businesses looking to consultants to make sense of it all.

[C]ompanies and clients “need to do more transformation, more deals, and more automation,” Ryan said. That’s welcome news for PwC’s consulting business.

PwC isn’t changing its 2022 hiring plans: ‘We’re actively watching the market right now’ [Insider]