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This Farewell Email Is Auditing ‘Til the Very End

Over the years, we've seen a ton of farewell emails. While they run the gamut from self-absorbed nonsense to babbling bullshit and everything in between (heavy on the bullshit, of course), there's one part we always seem to miss: the responses from soon-to-be former colleagues. Not only that but most of the ones that cross our desk tend to be obnoxiously long-winded, like anyone has time to read a goodbye email that's lengthier and more bitter than a Francine McKenna post about PwC.

For once, here is a short and sweet "peace out" that shows a true dedication on the team's part to the art of auditing.

Farewell E-Mail and Review Comments_Redacted



Farewell Letter review comments

Note: we have permission to print his name. It's probably because he's trying to plug his company but oh well, we'll allow it. Forgive the Scribd, this tool sent me PDFs so that's all I had to work with. Just kidding and happy trails, Niv!