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PSA: Telling Prometric Proctors To Go F*ck Themselves Will Probably Get You Kicked Out of the CPA Exam

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Last week I wrote about the current Prometric mask rule as of May 2022 which in essence says you don’t have to wear a mask at the testing center but you can if you want to. This distinction is important as Prometric has always been a bit of the TSA on steroids when it comes to prohibited items — if they wanted to they could certainly ban masks in the testing center altogether like they do practically everything else.

Anyway, that article got me thinking about prohibited items at the CPA exam so I did a little digging. The full — but not exhaustive — list of prohibited items at Prometric is contained in the candidate bulletin which anyone taking the CPA exam should read thoroughly, so go give it a look if you haven’t already (linked PDF current as of April 2022; if you’re reading this in the future, first of all hi, and second you may want to check for a more current one). While hunting down the list I came across a 2017 PDF hosted by NASBA. Don’t Be That Exam Candidate, the PDF warns, which could be taken a multitude of ways: that candidate who forgets their NTS? That candidate who tries to use an expired Costco card as a valid form of ID? That candidate who sneaks in a bandanna as a Kleenex, both of which are not allowed? It could be anything! I demand to know more!

Turns out it’s about misconduct, which incidentally is just about my favorite thing in the world. This should be good.

Over the years I’ve heard plenty of stories about CPA exam candidate misconduct. One of my hobbies back in the day was combing through state board of accountancy publications about all the naughty things CPAs had done (look, I live a boring life, OK?). The one that immediately comes to mind is the guy in California who cheated on the open book ethics exam. Like, why? He wasn’t barred from the profession forever though, he had to retake the ethics exam in the presence of a licensed CPA approved by the California Board of Accountancy (so not just any CPA off the street), and once he passed he would be issued a CPA license only for it to be revoked so the CBA could put him on probation for five years. You know, the same thing happened to me when I was 14 and got caught driving my friend’s moped, the driver’s license I didn’t even have got taken away. There was also an issue with this guy getting drunk, locking himself in his room, and telling the cops he wired the door with explosives that he failed to report to the CBA, but it didn’t happen at Prometric so let’s just put that aside and focus on the topic at hand.

The list I found details a few specific incidents of candidate misconduct and you’ll note a good number of them fall under “abusive conduct.” So those of you who have anger problems and probably scream the gamer word at 12-year-olds in MMOs might want to take note: being a jackass to Prometric staff is a big no-no. Here are just a few examples that were reported to boards of accountancy by test center staff:

  • Candidate arrived 45 minutes late for the exam and was told he could not test. Candidate became belligerent and exhibited rude and unprofessional behavior (Disruptive and Rude Conduct).
  • Candidate was checking in and was told his ID was expired. Because he was unable to provide another acceptable form of identification, he was told he could not test. Candidate became verbally abusive and used vulgar language with the test center staff (Disruptive and Abusive Conduct).
  • During the routine search conducted during check-in, notes were found taped to the candidate’s leg inside his socks (Prohibited Item and Conduct).
  • Candidate took a break, went to her locker, retrieved her cellphone, and made/received a call (Prohibited Conduct).
  • Candidate decided to take a break, and when he was asked to sign his correct name on the sign-out sheet, he used vulgar language and was verbally abusive to the test center staff (Disruptive and Abusive Conduct).
  • Candidate took a break, went to his locker, removed review course notes, and began reading them (Prohibited Conduct).
  • Candidate concealed exam review notes in the waistband of her pants. She pulled them out and starting reading them (Prohibited Item and Conduct).
  • When a candidate returned from break, the test center staff noticed a black object under her shirt collar; it was a Bluetooth device (Prohibited Item).
  • Candidate began waving his scratch paper in the testing room and complaining that an item was missing on his exam. Test center staff attempted to speak with him, but he continued to speak loudly, disrupting the testing room (Disruptive and Abusive Conduct).

Man I’d pay good money to see the test center surveillance footage of some of these. Especially that last one.

Misconduct can get you anything from a warning to invalidation of exam scores and even civil or criminal charges. So just don’t do it, OK? Take your anger out on strangers on the internet and your Overwatch teammates like the civilized professional you are.

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3 thoughts on “PSA: Telling Prometric Proctors To Go F*ck Themselves Will Probably Get You Kicked Out of the CPA Exam

  1. Becoming a CPA…
    I thought was my desire.
    Finished degree in accounting then upon finishing was told I needed 2,500 hours of supervision by a CPA to sign me off.

    I never found a job working for a CPA.

    Went to work for IRS in 2008.
    SBSE division terminated a year later.
    Never worked again.
    Appellate judge reversed my termination from SBSE division as VRA violation.

    IRS offered 3 jobs since reversal occurred.

    Been out of work for 14 years.

    I hate accounting.

    I hate IRS even more.

    None would give me chance at a job.

    So I researched why.

    Why would IRS ask me the following questions:

    What is your disability?
    Illegal question.
    Violation of HR OPM regulations.

    Why is your name on a huge bank account?
    Legal question.
    Unless subject never knew of assets and holds no access to seized accounts managed by banks.
    Again I was fired due my disability & an unknown inheritance.

    Reversed my termination on November 21, 2021 reason why was due to my wonderful spouse whom keeps excellent records.

    All my employment records my spouse kept.

    When Appellate asked what happened I gave a complete account of occurrence then offered my documentation.

    Offending agency had destroyed all evidence and had no records to provide OPM Appellate Judge.

    Then I was informed owed back wages…

    Sure as if IRS would ever pay what they owe.

    Irony was my inheritance hidden.

    Seized from me 1983.

    I had never been informed.

    The forms sent me while aboard USS Copeland FFG-25 was seized by officers aboard same ship then all funds were transferred into US Naval control in 1988 same year I was interrogated but never knew reason.

    Inherited accounts generated from King Edward of Ukraine.
    Philip Edward Jehle Romanov
    Was my great grandfather…

    Get the picture?

    Philip was worth $75 trillion upon his death.
    His daughter amassed a larger sum managed by her upon death of $750 trillion.
    Queen Ellen was my grandmother.
    Viola Ellen Jehle Romanov Collins
    Viola E Collins

    Then I get screwed.

    My family either never wanted me to have access or they just wanted to torture me.

    Regardless Philip was majority owner of Bancshare holding 51%+
    Frank Jehle his son held 6%
    Viola E Jehle owned 51%+ after her father died.
    Only one Jehle still owns 6% of Bancshare now but probably still does in the account seized by treasury and why I was abruptly terminated from federal service.
    My CPN attached accounts 541-98-0575
    Still attached but I am not allowed access.

    Never think you want money because you might end up managing my inheritance nightmare.

    No one would believe this crap.

    I went into US Bank and asked about the number and the bank teller screamed
    ‘WTF!’ Very loudly ‘No one has that much money.

    US bank was $750 trillion in 1983
    Wells Fargo now holds $43 trillion as of now.

    Yet public thinks we are just now reaching Trillionaire status.

    Trillionaire status existed in 1944 USA had 1 at least.

    7 trillionaires existed globally since 1945.

    1 quintillionaire exists currently and that 1 person owns 97,000 banks globally…

    Research for selves.

    Read IRS reports on distribution of wealth.

    Calculate out the numbers and then call me insane.

    Amazing how many people actually think these people do not exist.

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