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Friendly Reminder: Expect Continued Difficulties Scheduling CPA Exams

At this point, we all know CPAs were determined to be “essential” and therefore allowed to resume CPA exam testing when Prometric re-opened on a limited basis May 1. And we all know that some testing centers are open only for specific med-based testing, meaning future healthcare workers are given priority over other “essential” testing. And of course we all know that due to the above, as well as Prometric’s test center social distancing measures, exam spots have been in short supply.

With time a meaningless measure these days, I nearly didn’t realize it’s almost the end of May and recalled that Prometric had hoped to open after May 31 to every future CPA, doctor, nail technician, and any other profession of the hundreds that use Prometric for testing. Since the coronavirus pandemic first got serious here in the United States, at least they have pushed off their re-opening a few times, but it seems the plan stands for June 1, sort of.

“Based on current assessments, legislation will allow us to resume testing in phases for ALL programs in numerous states and regions across North America, where possible, starting June 1,” reads the Prometric website.

With all that in mind, the following email we received earlier today seems worth sharing:

Hey GC,

After Prometric announced CPA exams were resuming in early May, I scheduled my next section for 6/1. I had just finished my first mock exam on Monday when I received an email from Prometric telling me my appointment had been cancelled. No new slots until mid-August now. Just wanted to let people know not to get their hopes up and study for no reason, regardless of what Prometric announced or what their online schedule says.

Last we heard, Prometric planned to add additional hours and staff to accommodate as many candidates as possible while still keeping responsible social distancing measures in testing centers. As far as we know, this is still the case. But it should come as no surprise if candidates — including and especially CPA exam candidates — have difficulty securing testing spots after June 1. Considering they’ve already had difficulties with Prometric open only to “essential” testers, a reasonable person can assume it will only get worse.

So prepare yourselves, scheduling in the next few months will probably be tough. The best you can do is be patient and keep checking with Prometric for updates and scheduling availabilities. Be prepared to pivot on a whim even if you do manage to nail down an appointment. Blah, blah unprecedented times blah, blah. You guys know the drill.