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Marcum Gives Employees the ‘Gift’ of Summer Hours on Fridays

During a town hall meeting on Tuesday in which the marriage between Marcum and Friedman was confirmed internally before the official press release was slapped on Marcum’s website in the afternoon, Marcum Chairman and CEO Jeff Weiner announced that it’s almost time for all those busy season morale-boosting pizza parties to be replaced by new office hours on Fridays during the summer.

Thanks to a tipster, here’s an excerpt to an email Marcumites received regarding Friday summer hours and time off:

Summer Fridays & Office Closings

As Marcum continues to embrace the new normal, which includes hybrid work schedules and a stronger desire for work/life balance, Marcum will be establishing summer hours as well as closing our offices between Christmas and New Year’s. This is Marcum’s way of acknowledging these shifts in our corporate culture, as well as our continued effort to help you achieve work/life balance — all while continuing to service our clients with the highest level of excellence and growing your career at Marcum.

That news elicited this reaction from our tipster:

Marcum introduced things that every other major firm has, and presents it like a gift, but again, Marcum being last and not first. Those being summer Fridays (required to answer emails during that Friday) and time off between Christmas and New Year’s (required to use PTO).

And remember, kids: Just because firms (mostly understaffed these days) offer shorter office hours on Fridays during the summer doesn’t mean your workload and deadlines also take a half-day on Fridays. You’ll just be pushing off that work until Saturday and/or Sunday. Yay! Work-life balance!

And speaking of the office, Weiner still is pining for people to get back to theirs instead of working from home. Our tipster told us:

Jeff asked again for people to come back to the office, but anyone with a brain knows not coming into the office will work against you during comp time.

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