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Protip For CPAs: Don’t Embezzle From Your Employer to Pay For Your License Renewal

There is always "that guy" who has to ruin it for everyone. So if next time you go to renew your CPA license, the state board asks you "did you steal from your employer to pay for this license renewal?" you know why:

An accountant and finance manager for a local tool and die company is accused of embezzling about $60,000 from his employer and using the funds to pay for his CPA recertification.

Timothy Paul Miller, of Martin, is accused of embezzling $50,000 to $100,000 from [employer] between 2006 and last April.

Miller, 52, allegedly used credit cards and account transfers to a debit account to steal the money from his employer, according to Wyoming Police investigators.

Police say Miller used the money to pay for items including medical bills and fees associated with recertification to continue as a Certified Public Accountant.

There's a way to get your employer to pay for your license, and this isn't it. $60,000?! Man, Wyoming CPA fees are nutso, did that also include AICPA membership I hope?

It goes without saying that if he is found guilty, he will not be practicing as a CPA any time soon or ever for that matter. Way to go, pal!