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Friday Open Items, Now With 25% Less Friday!

I would apologize for the delay in getting Open Items going this morning but Colin told me once to NEVER apologize, it makes you weak. Or something. What a cutthroat clown that guy can be sometimes, must have been life in the Big 4 that turned him into such a hardened jerk.

ANYHOO, here we are again on this fine Friday. I have no open items of my own, although I did want to mention to you all that I am really impressed with the quality of your little conversations this week. We were a little worried when Tony Nitti got all serious and kicked down his wisdom to you that you'd run away screaming "MOAR MEMES!!!" but clearly we did not give you all enough credit. It almost feels like we're all growing up a little.

Of course, now that I said that I'm sure someone is going to tell someone to eat poop in the comments. Oh well, can't win 'em all.

Feel free to leave your worries at the door, or just dump them in the comments and we'll help you sort it all out.

Oh, and just so this place doesn't get too highbrow, here's a Price is Right headbutt to the crotch. You're welcome.