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Prometric Hottie In Herndon, Virginia, This Dude Left You a Missed Connection

Can my future CPAs in Virginia help this loser out? He's trying to mack on hot Prometric girl via Craigslist Missed Connections when he could have just SAID something on his way out to a piss break.

That said, you have to give the dude credit. He's like "I'm going to be getting way more certs later so you should fuck me."

You were working the reception desk in the morning, just wanted to let you know that you are absolutely gorgeous!! I would've loved to talk to you, but you were swamped with lots of people coming in and out. Also, it looked like you were training someone new. I'll be testing for more certs in the future and will definitely be scheduling them at your office. I know you'll probably never see this, but if the slight chance you do, I'd love to possibly take you out sometime and get to know you better.

I know there are future CPAs trolling my town right now who could head to Herndon Prometric and make this happen.

Personally I would find this completely creepy and I'm sure there are at least a few female GC readers who can confirm this. "Get to know you better" EWWW bro, not. And really? "Lots of people coming in and out" is sort of awkward, and then you promise that this chick can't avoid you since you'll be scheduling more trips to her location in the future. Ewww. It is unclear here if she showed any interest in this guy at the location, it sounds like she had her hands busy with the intern and all these people coming in and out.