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The Profession is Really Reaching For the “I Still Let My Mom Pick Out My Outfits” Demographic

Oh dear. I knew I was in for a treat when I saw this dandy graphic staring me down on Pinterest this morning.

At first glance, one would hope these are preschoolers but no, they are adults. Grown adults. "Cool" adults, I would guess, given the nature of the graphic (that guy left holding the "L" is clearly the least cool of them all because he got stuck with the heavy lifting).

The graphic comes from a fascinating piece over at NJBIZ that talks about — you guessed it — mindblowingly "cool" accountants who break the stereotype. Like:

The American Institute of CPAs has launched a website called, which aims to educate people about the profession. The site talks about pay (salaries can start north of $50,000, depending on the size of the firm) and opportunities for career growth. But one entire section of that website is focused on assuring aspiring accountants that they will be surrounded by "people just as smart, funny and fascinating as you are."

That claim is bolstered by profiles of guys such as Tim Crowley, a CPA for seven years who breaks every "boring CPA" stereotype: He sports a year-round beard, is in a band, plays several sports and loves meeting new people, according to the site. And then there's Patrick Meyer, who plays flag football and has a tattoo.

The purpose is to convey, effectively and broadly, that times have changed in the accounting world.

FLAG FOOTBALL! A BEARD! A TATTOO!! Ohemgee, what has happened to the profession?!

Can we just let this go already? A first year associate with a fairy tattoo on her ankle is not shattering perceptions of the profession by any means. Next you're going to tell me that Big 4 firms are now hiring people with belly button rings. THE HORROR.

Save the "accounting is cool, we swear" line, it really isn't necessary. No self-respecting CPA pursued a career in accounting for cool points, guys.