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Crony Links: Save Six Minutes a Day, Attention Management and Dogs at Work

If you need a break from coveting my CPA exam scores, the latest Rothstein Kass rumors or a KPMG Chairman talking about an unfortunate moment for his firm, here are some posts from other Sift Media sites last week you might find interesting. 

AccountingWEB Jeff Davidson reminds us that your problems are not other people's problems (and vice versa); Alexandra DeFelice (via time management expert Paul Burton) tells you how to save six minutes a day, which translates into 24 hours (i.e. three more work days!) a year; Eva Rosenberg thinks expanding the EITC is a bad idea.

The Queen's AccountingWEB Here are the top 10 problems in auditing.

BusinessZone Here's something good if your firm's Facebook page needs more likes and you only like looking at infographics.

TrainingZone Maybe your attention management needs work rather than your time management.

HRZone Should management be everyone’s career end goal?; Does your employer allow dogs? There could be some drawbacks to that.

MyCustomer Here's one for those of you that never get sick of value pricing discussions.