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Private vs. Public — The Eternal Question!

Hello all,

So here is my dilemma. I currently have offers from 2 public accounting firms (one Big 4, one strong midsize regional/national), as well as an offer to begin an entry-level finance position with a well-known tech startup (i'm located in NYC, and all offers are for NYC). The accounting firm dates are for Fall 2015… the tech startup would begin in January, and is something I could fit into my schedule as a non-traditional student with only 8 credits remaining in my education.

So my question is… help me GC! I'm tempted to accept the finance offer, and the Big 4 offer, and just work the finance position for 8 months until the Big 4 external audting job begins. The tech start-up entry-level finance role could be great money and exposure, considering I am ultimately interested in working some kind of higher-level finance or corporate/business development position within a company, preferably within a startup.

Given that that is my ultimate career goal, does this make sense? I shouldn't just skip public.. right? But I should do this finance position in the meantime? This is just about career strategizing so thanks in advance for any advice, my noble snarky friends of GC!