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These Are the Videos That Made Your Busy Season Slightly Less Awful

For some reason, earlier this year we asked you to submit videos of your busy season exploits as part of some fake contest. The idea was haphazardly thrown together and not taken that seriously, but for whatever reason1 the post sat up top for months. Anyhoo, busy season has been over for everyone for at least a week so I guess we'll wrap this thing in old newspaper and put a bow on it, so we can all move on with our lives. Right? Right.

Truth be told, there were some pretty entertaining vids thrown our way in the past few months, so we'll share some our favorites again so that you can waste a few minutes of your day.  

It'd be a huge mistake on our part if the Star Trek parody video was not included. Two out of three GC scribes liked this video, but for whatever reason, spending $60,000 on a training video practically started a riot despite the billions wasted by Congress on [insert your preferred waste of taxpayer dollars]. I have to admit, that the acting isn't as good as any member of Congress can muster. 

There have been several MTV Video award-caliber videos from James Huang, but an inspired Les Misérables message of crushed busy season dreams really diversifies his repertoire and it's far less irritating than Anne Hathaway. The end of busy season Twilight effort did not satisfy, however, because — Jesus, enough with vampires already. 

Although this video is from a few years ago and the meme is as dead as Hitler himself, it's beyond debate that using an incensed Führer to contemplate decisions around your internal audit function is far more entertaining than reading a whitepaper on the subject.

I don't how this Harlem Shake craze started and I don't want to know. Look, I'm all for putting on crazy costumes and dancing like a bunch of damn fools, but once it becomes ubiquitous on the Internet under false pretenses, then I think we, as a society, need to start doing some serious reflection. HOWEVER, the inexplicable appearance by a baby in a pumpkin shirt:

And a spellbinding performance by a Luigi auditor were a couple of bright spots that made it bearable:

And I suppose that's a nice way to head into compensation season — ecstatic dancing. Thanks for the solid effort everyone; you're all exceptional performers in our book. 

1 Possible explanation: I'm lazy.